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Kimmo’s Custom Packaging Innovations

We think of ourselves as “packaging pioneers”, and we’re always looking for fresher, more flexible ways of doing things.

Over the years, our commitment to continual custom packaging innovations and improvements has shone through in our work.

These are the most notable innovations from the Kimmo team:

We were the first company in South Africa to develop and manufacture a corrugated pallet, capable of replacing a wooden pallet. This product was known to us as the Aspen-pallet.

We were also the first company in the country to manufacture honeycomb fibreboard and convert it into packaging. This ingenious custom packaging design has since been adopted by well-known packaging companies in Scandinavia as well.

We are one of the first packaging providers in South Africa to offer the full range of plywood crates, commonly known in Europe as no-nail boxes or buckle boxes. These crates boast a unique combination of steel profiles and plywood sides, which has taken Europe by storm.

We are one of just a small handful of companies worldwide to offer this unique mix of materials all under one roof. We can provide combinations of corrugated, honeycomb and plywood materials, designed and adapted in a unique way to give each customer a fit for purpose packaging solution.

As experienced custom packaging providers, we have brought together the perfect blend of excellent quality and forward-thinking experimentation, to find unique and effective answers to modern-day bulk packaging needs.

This innovative spirit is what puts Kimmo at the forefront of custom packaging in South Africa.

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