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ISPM-15 Standards for Wooden Packaging

There are a few factors that place Kimmo’s industrial packaging solutions a cut above the rest.

ISPM-15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) is a regulation geared towards solid wood packaging. It was implemented to regulate the movement of timber packaging.

Wooden pallets and crates can be easily inhabited by insects, or contaminated by bacteria which can damage the goods and affect those who consume them. This is especially hazardous when transporting food and medical products. Timber pests can spread diseases and damage the ecosystems in other countries.

ISPM-15 stipulates that any wood thicker than 6mm being transported across borders must be debarked, and stamped with a mark of compliance. This mark can only be achieved by heat treating the wood, or fumigating it using methyl bromide.

Methyl bromide is a toxic, corrosive substance, which is unsuitable for treating pallets used for food and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, heat treatment is widely preferred over fumigation.

Kimmo uses only heat-treated wood to make our wooden pallets. We also have a selection of wood-free and plywood pallets, which are exempt from ISPM-15 regulation.

Advantages of ISPM-15 Exempt Packaging

Getting ISPM-15 compliance for your packaging can still cause delays at customs, and goods may also be quarantined if there are issues with the certificate or stamp. This can lead to further delays and unnecessary additional expenses.

Packaging that is exempt from ISPM-15 offer you an easy, risk-free alternative.

Kimmo’s corrugated fibreboard, honeycomb fibreboard and plywood products are all ISPM-15 exempt. Each of these materials offers its own set of advantages, and our specialists will work with you to find the ideal configuration for your needs.

ISPM-15 Regulations and documentation

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