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KimmoBin is our flagship range of honeycomb fibreboard packaging solutions, available in a variety of configurations.

The KimmoBin range offers excellent solutions for transport and storage, giving clients the best of both worlds. These paper-based products are eco-friendly, they offer superior protection and are ideal for stacking.

Honeycomb fibreboard is a type of paperboard panel, produced by laminating layers of thick paper onto a honeycomb core, to create a structure with unsurpassed crush resistance. The weight-to-strength ratio makes honeycomb fibreboard a light and eco-friendly paper-based alternative to traditional wooden packaging.

Advantages and benefits of Honeycomb Fibreboard


Lighter packaging makes transportation easier and helps to save on fuel costs.

High strength to weight ratio

This remarkable material is strong and rigid but also very lightweight with unsurpassed crush resistance.


Saves warehouse space for added convenience. This will reduce your total cost and your CO2 footprint, by optimising your use of space.

Customised to your needs

The complete KimmoBin range can be customised to your needs and branded with your logo.

ISPM-15 exempt

The range is fully exempt from ISPM-15 regulations


You can reuse your KimmoBin several times which helps to reduce your total supply chain costs.

Talk to the Kimmo team today about creating your ideal, fully customised honeycomb fibreboard packaging configuration.

Pallets for KimmoBin

There is a choice of pallet options that can be used underneath each type of KimmoBin.
Alternatively, clients may opt not to use a pallet at all.

Integrated Eco Pallet

Made from corrugated and/ or honeycomb fibreboard.

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Plywood Pallet

Ideal for moderate loads, and useful in cases where there is a risk of sagging due to the product configuration.

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Solid Wood Pallet

Suitable for heavy loads and for strapping oddly-shaped items to the pallet.

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