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Multi-Material Engineering

Each packaging project brings its own unique set of challenges. Kimmo meets these challenges with cutting-edge multi-material engineering capabilities. By selecting and combining the right packaging materials, we can build a complete solution that works as an ideal match for any product requirement.

Product Weight and Sensitivity

Heavier and more fragile products will need stronger material for the packaging base, the sides and the lid. It is vital to preserve the characteristics and appearance of each product.

Product Geometry

The geometry (shape) of a product is a big factor when choosing the right material.

For example: a steel vault, a bag of ball bearings and a pump casting might all have the same weight, but they all have very different packaging needs when it comes to selecting the base material. The vault would be well-suited to a honeycomb fibreboard base, while the bag of ball bearings would be better off on a plywood base, and the pump body would need to be strapped onto a wooden base. All three could be finished off with either plywood, honeycomb or corrugated fibreboard, depending on the other characteristics involved.

Operational Characteristics

If you need to stack your products in your warehouse or in a container, this will also influence the choice of material and the design of the packaging you need.

Logistical Characteristics

Each product will pass through several handling steps, freight modes and sometimes even multiple time zones. It will undergo shocks and vibrations, temperature changes and humidity fluctuations. The material and packaging design must address all these potential issues.

Our in-house design team puts together multi-material packaging solutions in wood, plywood, honeycomb, corrugated board and combinations of these - whatever is best for your product. Talk to us now.

Multi-Material Packaging in Action

The following is a typical example of a cross-border multi-material packaging solution that was fully exempt from all ISPM15 regulations. Once strapped, it was strong enough to accommodate 1Ton in each unit and could be stacked three high.

  • A honeycomb lid with plywood insert.
  • Honeycomb sides with octagon plywood insert to accommodate a Fibre IBC from our preferred supplier
  • Integrated honeycomb base with plywood insert

Here is the breakdown of a typical example of a multi-material packaging solution for road freight.

  • A honeycomb lid for stacking purposes
  • Corrugated DWB4 sleeve with easy access flap
  • Edge board inserts on the corners for stacking up-too 150kg on top
  • Corrugated base on a wooden pallet to eliminate the risk of rain entering the truck trailer due to a faulty side canvas.

Our experienced team will gladly help to analyse your needs, and use our multi-material engineering skills to translate those needs into a fit for purpose packaging solution. Talk to us now.

For more information get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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