Sustainability | Six Key Areas of Sustainable Packaging

Six Key Areas of Sustainable Packaging

There is no “quick fix” when it comes to eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainability is a continuous process, and often the best way to get there is by making incremental improvements.

There are six key areas to focus on when it comes to smarter, more eco-friendly packaging.

1. Reduce weight

Reducing the total weight of a package can make distribution and transportation more efficient, lowering your fuel costs and your carbon footprint. Reducing the weight of your packages by just a few grams can add up quickly, resulting in big savings for both your bottom line and the environment. This is why we offer exceptionally lightweight packaging materials as part of our product range.

2. Reduce wasted space

If the size of your packaging isn’t optimal, you can end up paying to transport a lot of empty unused space along with your goods. Matching the size of the packaging with the goods being transported is a great way to optimise the total amount of product per package and per unit of transport. This will reduce your cost per unit and your carbon footprint. Kimmo’s fit for purpose packaging ensures you won’t need to worry about an inch of wasted space.

3. Don’t over design

Does your product really need to be shipped in the strongest packaging available, or would that be overkill? Our multi-material solutions will help you find the perfect mix of packaging for the job, which will save on material wastage without sacrificing product protection.

4. Opportunities to recycle or reuse

Materials like PET and paper can be easily recycled or reused. However, other elements in your package - such as certain types of tape and wrapping - might be unfit for recycling. New greener options are constantly emerging on the market, so be sure to consider them as part of the overall solution.

5. Consider natural materials

Focus on choosing more recycled, dye-free or virgin packaging materials which have a smaller impact on the environment than conventional packaging options.

6. Choose paper-based materials

Paper products are some of the most widely recycled items on the planet. Our KimmoBox and KimmoBin products are easy to recycle, and will make their return in the form of many other paper-based products.

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