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Kimmo's Industrial Packaging Products

Our team will analyse your industry requirements, warehousing constraints and transportation model, and customise the packaging solution according to those specific needs.

We look at each job holistically and take all the factors into account to help each client find the right combination of industrial packaging products.

Heavy-Duty Packaging


Our selection of corrugated pallet-box configurations

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Our flagship range of honeycomb fibreboard packaging solutions

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Our range of durable plywood packaging solutions

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Multi-Material Engineering

We build complete solutions that works as an ideal match for any product requirement

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Other Products and Accessories


Our range of traditional wooden pallets and environmentally friendly wood-free alternatives

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Our selection of protective edge board solutions

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Our selection of honeycomb paper core packaging solutions

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Our full range of packaging accessories

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What makes our products special?

Kimmo's commitment to excellence means our products stand head and shoulders above the rest. We pride ourselves on creating industrial packaging products that are:


Our total cost approach helps to keep your expenses down.


Our eco-friendly materials and methods allow us to offer greener packaging.


Lighter packaging makes transportation easier and helps to save on fuel costs.


Saves warehouse space for added convenience.

Strong and durable

Our packaging products offer excellent protection and stacking capability for your goods.

Export ready

Our packaging is fully ISPM-15 exempt or compliant.

At Kimmo, we like to be neutral in our selection of materials, and we don’t believe in generic, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our total cost approach help you optimise your supply chain and reduce the total cost of your operations, with smarter packaging solutions.

With our technical expertise and innovative products, we help customers to transport their goods safely throughout the entire supply chain in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Find out more about Kimmo’s heavy-duty products, or explore our range of quality packaging accessories designed to complement our industrial packaging products.

Find Your Perfect Fit

If you’re unsure about which heavy-duty packaging solution is best for you, you can use the comparison table below as an easy reference.

  KimmoBox KimmoBin KimmoPly
Predominant material Corrugated cardboard Honeycomb fibreboard Plywood with steel profiles
Flat-packed? Yes Yes Yes
ISPM-15 compliant? Yes (exempted) Yes (exempted) Yes (exempted)
Customised? Yes Yes Yes
Standard sizes in stock? Yes Yes Yes
Stackable? Only with modification Good Excellent
Bulging resistance? Low Moderate to Good Excellent
Penetration protection? Moderate Good Excellent
Drop protection? Moderate Excellent Good
Re-usable? Seldom Sometimes Frequently
Net weight? Light Light Moderate
ECO-friendly? Excellent Excellent Moderate
Weight bearing capacity? Base dependant Base dependant Heavy loads
Base options? - Integrated Kimmobase
- Plywood base
- Wooden pallet *
- Integrated Kimmobase
- Plywood base
- Wooden pallet *
- Plywood base
- Wooden pallet *
*The wooden pallet is ISPM compliant not exempted

Our range has been presented above in distinct categories based on the main material used in the design of each product. However, it’s important to remember that we also harness our multi-material engineering abilities, where we combine the appropriate material for each and every component of your heavy-duty packaging solution.

Multi-Material Engineering

Each packaging project brings its own unique set of challenges. Kimmo meets these challenges with cutting-edge multi-material engineering capabilities.

By selecting and combining the right packaging materials, we can build a complete solution that works as an ideal match for any product requirement.

For more information get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.

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