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Proudly South African

Kimmo is proud to be a homegrown South African manufacturer.

We’re committed to building a thriving local economy, through direct and indirect job creation.

Our aim is to make a significant difference in the lives of all our employees, and those of the community surrounding our factory in City Deep.

Respect is a value that we bring to every part of our operation. This includes respect for our colleagues, our clients, the authorities, industry standards and certifications, and the environment.

We believe in the power of supporting local enterprises, and we back that belief up by putting our money into the South African economy. All Kimmo packaging products and accessories are manufactured locally, and 85% of our raw material is sourced from within South Africa.

We also work to contribute to the competitive position of all our customers, by providing them with world-class heavy-duty packaging that is locally produced.

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Our physical address

  • Unit 1, City Deep Industrial Park
    37 Fortune Street
    City Deep

Give us a ring:

  • +27 11 613 8319
    +27 86 618 0766

Find us at the office:

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