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Honeycomb Fibreboard

Kimmo has pioneered the use of honeycomb fibreboard in South Africa. We use this outstanding material to make our flagship KimmoBin packaging range.

The technology was first discovered in the 1950s, and we have taken this classic concept and engineered it for cutting-edge modern use.

Honeycomb technology is commonly used in industries such as aviation, because of its unique weight-to-strength ratio. The honeycomb structure combines minimal weight with high compressive strength.

Superior Strength & Resistance

The board is made by laminating layers of thick paper onto a paper honeycomb core, resulting in a sandwich-like structure with unsurpassed crush resistance and rigidity.

By adopting this technology, Kimmo creates heavy-duty bulk packaging solutions for an array of clients. We use it to produce our full selection of products, including KimmoPallet, KimmoBox and KimmoBins.

Honeycomb board offers ideal cushioning for heavy product loads. This is especially important if the packaging is dropped or damaged. The honeycomb will absorb the impact and protect the product, leaving it unharmed.

It’s made from cellulose fibres. This is usually a mix of virgin fibres and recycled fibres from cardboard or other paper-based materials.

Honeycomb fibreboard is also completely recyclable, which is beneficial for green-minded businesses.

Our honeycomb fibreboard offers a compressive strength of 16 tons per square metre, which means the packaging can endure high loads and impacts.

The low weight makes it easy to transport and saves on costs, particularly for air freight.

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