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KimmoPly is our range of durable plywood packaging solutions. These nail-free crates are made from plywood panels, held together by steel profiles and buckles. Our KimmoPly crates are especially suitable for valuable, fragile and heavyweight products.

With KimmoPly, you get maximum protection, even for products being transported in harsh conditions. The flat-packed crates are easy to assemble and fully compliant with ISPM-15 standards.

The KimmoPly range can be tailored to your requirements and can be branded with your logo. Naturally, Kimmo offers a variety of handles, latches and other accessories to complete your custom packaging solution.

Advantages of Plywood Packaging


  • Plywood packaging can easily be stacked to ensure full utilisation of container loads.
  • The plywood crates can be reused several times, saving costs and reducing waste.

Strong and durable

  • Plywood has a stronger and lighter structure than solid wood.
  • Steel profiles provide an even distribution of the load-bearing forces on the lid and base.
  • The profiles can act as hinges on the sides to form a foldable sleeve.


  • Steel has a superior strength-to- weight ratio compared to wood.
  • The nail-free boxes are much lighter and slightly more compact than traditional plywood boxes.
  • This optimises the use of space, reducing total costs and CO2 footprint.


  • No need for hammers or nail- guns.
  • Reduces the noise and risk of injury in the warehouse environment.


  • Flat-packed design reduces delivery costs and lowers CO2 emissions.
  • Optimises the use of space in the warehouse.

Export ready

  • All plywood products are exempt from ISPM-15 regulations.
  • This assures a smooth route through customs.

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