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Advantages of Stackable Packaging

We believe it’s important to offer our clients the ability to stack outbound products, by offering highly durable stackable packaging options. Stackable packaging saves on wasted space and wasted costs.

Part of Kimmo’s total cost approach is the reduction of unnecessary expenses, and stackability plays a key role in our cost-saving strategies.

Stacking your packaging solutions means:

  • Less floor space is needed in your warehouse.
  • You have a more organised space and a better overview of orders and shipments.
  • Transport can be more efficiently utilised, saving on costs.
  • Fewer restrictions in EOQ calculations, making you a more attractive supplier.

Stackability isn’t just a question of weight. It also depends on the geometry of your product, the mode of transportation you use, and the dynamic loading throughout your logistical channel.

Kimmo considers all these factors; we look at your product’s centre of gravity, its structural integrity and the likelihood of bulging. Our in-house specialists use this information to put together a bespoke stackable packaging solution that will protect your product along its journey.

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